Though widely known as a residential neighborhood, NDG has a vibrant commercial life, particularly along the main streets - Sherbrooke Ouest and Monkland, as well as Somerled and Upper Lachine. 

NDG's local commerce stand out for their diversity, both in the types of services offered, and the cultures represented by its restaurants, cafes, and groceries - Mexican, Trinidadian, Italian, French, Korean, Japanese, Iranian, Ethiopian, and more!  

Recognizing the critical role that local enterprise plays in community life, in 2015 the Council added a new membership category -  Business Members.  Any entrepreneur or company, regardless of size and/or scope, that conducts business and contributes to the economic life of the Territory may be a Business Member.  Read our full by-laws here and sign your business up as a member here.


Local Economy Coalition of NDG
The mission of the Table is to harmonize the efforts of actors in NDG concerned with employment, business, and entrepreneurial development. Forming a deeper partnership with the local business community has been one of our primary successes to date.
NDG Business association

The NDG Business Association, otherwise known as Gens d'Affairs de NDG, seeks to support and strengthen local businesses while also connecting community members to each other.

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Le CJE NDG est là pour t’accompagner dans tes démarches de recherche d'emploi!
Emplois, C.V., stages, entrevues, retour aux études, pré-démarrage d'entreprises, orientation et intégration des personnes issues de l'immigration.

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PME MTL Centre-Ville

From start-up to growth, PME MTL professionals are there to advise and support project initiators and project managers at every step. Working hand-in-hand with a vast network of partners, it links entrepreneurs with different experts, stakeholders and financial assistance and program managers.

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