Local Economy Coalition of NDG

Local Economy Coalition of NDGFormed in 2016, the Local Economy Coalition of NDG aims to promote and encourage access to employment, entrepreneurship, and labour in NDG through consultation, networking, creative workshops and collaborative events, as well as the development of projects and initiatives that empower individuals, whether they be job seekers, merchants, or entrepreneurs. The Coalition aims to fill the gaps created by the closing of the CDEC at the end of 2015, and harmonize the efforts of actors in NDG concerned with employment, business, and entrepreneurial development. 

The Council and the Carrefour Jeunesse Emploi are the Coalition co-chairs. Forming a deeper partnership with the local business community has been one of our primary successes to date, as the new NDG business association - Les Gens d’affaires NDG - has become a key partner at the table. The Local Economy Coalition supported BizNDG in their business networking events - BizX360 , and Les Gens d’affaires supported the Council in a series of consultations with local businesses and entrepreneurs as part of the strategic planning process. The Coalition also held a public assembly on the creation of a co-working space for NDG, with a working group formed to explore financing for a feasibility study. 

Co-Coordinated by NDG Community Council andCarrefour Jeunesse Emploi 
Contacts: Coalition's coordinator Steve Charters at stevecharters@ndg.ca or at 514-484-1471 Ex. 232
NDG Community Council
Carrefour Jeunesse-Emploi NDG,
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Shadd Health & Business Centre
Les Gens D'affaires NDG
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