Benny Farm is one of the four key sectors in NDG. The steering committee is in the process of changing the Benny Farm map to include all the residents and partners that we work with. The new neighborhood boundary includes; Terrebonne St. on the North and Sherbrooke Street W. on the south and Madison Av.on the East and Prince of Wales Av. on the West. The Council approached various stakeholders and key actors within the community including residents and partners working in the sector in order to voice their concerns and visions for Benny Farm

NDG Benny Farm Sector

Portrait of Territory

Benny Farm is a mixture of both social, private housing and organizations. It represents a vital number of lower-cost housing units in Notre-Dame-de-Grâce. Benny is home to a variety of people from different cultural and social background, including young families, single-parent families, senior citizens and people living with disabilities.

MOBILISATION: Residents Initiatives, Activities, Events, Projects

Community garderns, Community clean-ups, arts and crafts activities for children, community meals, literacy activities and door-to-door outreach on the topic of neighborhood security walks. Among the many achievements of this past year, perhaps the most significant was the increased capacity of Benny Farm residents to organize events and activities in concert with one another, and to do so with increased autonomy. Every year, the committee looks forward to plan and/or participate to these very popular activities; Chinese New Year, Skate exchanges, Sugar Shack visit, Borough meetings, Jane’s Walk, Clean-up Day, Parking Day, Halloween, Holiday events,etc.

Highlights 2020-2021
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NDG Benny Farm Sector
NDG Benny Farm Sector
NDG Benny Farm Sector
NDG Benny Farm Sector

CONCERTATION: Benny Farm Collective (BFC)

NDG Benny Farm Sector
The Benny Farm Collective (BFC) is a group of residents and partners who work together to improve services and contribute to community life in the immediate area of Benny Farm. The Collective works to reach a wide audience and find solutions for locals through sharing resources, creating opportunities for organisations and addressing concerns. It also brings diversity, helps members gain new perspectives and learn new skills. Acting as a group encourages task sharing, which means committing to showing up to all events is not necessary for all members, therefore reducing administrative burdens. New members are always welcome. The BFC has 14 members that meet 4 times per year (in addition to some ad hoc meetings when needed).

Benny Farm  Collective members:

• Benny Sport Complex
• Chez soi: non-profit housing for autonomous seniors
• Claude-De-Mestral Housing
• Cooperative housing Zoo and Benny Farm
• Cultural Centre & Benny Library
• Habitation Communautaire: NDG's Affordable Homeownership Project
• Monkland Community Centre
• On Our Own(O3): subsidized and supported housing for young families at risk 
• Private condominiums
• Project Chance: subsidized housing for single mothers who are returning to post secondary education
• Sherbrooke Forest Housing 
• Tango: subsidized and supported housing for people with disabilities 
• Veterans housing



NDG Benny Farm Sector




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