ROMEL: "Regroupement des Organismes du Montréal Ethnique pour le Logement"  was founded in 1984 by the following 7 organisations: L'OEIL, CLSC Côte-des-Neiges, la Maison Internationale de la Rive-Sud, YMCA International, l'Hirondelle, la Communauté Laotienne du Québec et La Maisonnée. These organisations were deeply preoccupied with housing issues related to the various cultural communities; they wanted to be able to rely on an organization that can offer expertise in the field and serve the needs of their clients in all housing related matters.  R.O.M.E.L’s initial role was to fulfill that mission, by gathering and centralizing all housing- related information  all housing-related information and to consequently diffuse it to its founding organizations.


As a collective of community organizations providing housing information, training and support services, ROMEL is a wealth of resources to facilitate welcoming and integration of this clientele. ROMEL is also a social economy enterprise working in social and community real estate development, with the mission to increase access to affordable and quality housing for all those in need.


The housing assistance service is open to all, targeting mainly newcomers and low-income people. Whether in person, by phone or via our website, we are here to provide you with information and guide you in your search. Depending on your needs, we can direct you to various additional resources.
  • Emergency and Temporary
  • Housing Social and Community
  • Housing Private Market Housing
  • Other housing-Related Services


GRT - Groupe de ressources techniques
Operating through various groups (Co-ops, nonprofits or Municipal Housing Bureau), GRTs’ mandate is to promote social inclusion and reduce inequalities through provision of quality, affordable housing for low- and moderate-income households. GRTs coordinate all project phases and act as an intermediary between project instigators, public administrations, building contractors and other professionals (architects, notaries, engineers).


Founded in 1983, the nonprofit Société de Gestion Querbes (SGQ) is a real estate management enterprise with a human dimension and a mandate to maintain harmonious living settings for both tenants and landlords. SGQ services is focussed on tenant education and preventive building maintenance.




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