La Ruche d’Art de NDG Art Hive was born from the volunteer-run Cheap Art Collective of St. Raymond’s: founders of the annual haunted Halloween Melrose Tunnel and Puppet Parade. We believe that community-building and art-making go hand-in-hand. We are primarily a volunteer-run collective. We are supported by the Federal and Provincial governments, CDN-NDG Borough, SHIFT, the NDG Community Council, the Art Hives Network, and the Caisse Desjardins NDG. We gratefully accept donations of art supplies.

We offer open studio spaces that are free, bilingual, accessible, radically inclusive and open to all. Since 2015 we have reached over 5,000 residents of all backgrounds and ages, starting with our Saturday afternoon Art Hive in Girouard Park and then moving to the HLM St-Raymond at 5605 Upper Lachine.

Right before the pandemic started, we expanded into three other HLMs in NDG-CDN: Girouard, Monkland and Bourret. We reach isolated, lower-income seniors through these activities, providing important human contact, community referrals and artistic expression opportunities.

The Art Hives are intergenerational spaces, open to the public. We have also offered intergenerational monthly pop-ups in Benny Library. We gratefully accept donations of money and art.

We sometimes offer structured workshops and collective projects but always with the option for individual exploration. We also offer pop-ups for various community events on a sliding scale. Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult. We encourage parents to create too!




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fax: (514) 484-1687

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