The Eva Marsden Centre for Social Justice and Aging is dedicated to restoring humanity and dignity to the experience of growing older in our society. EMC works to improve all aspects of health and well-being while collectively addressing systemic issues that impact daily life.
Until 2021 the Eva Marsden Centre for Social Justice and Aging (EMC) was known as the N.D.G. Senior Citizens’ Council (NDGSCC). In 2021 the organization was re-branded as the Eva Marsden Centre for Social Justice and Aging, in recognition of its’ wider territory and more comprehensive outreach.
EMC provides advocacy for individuals who are 50 years of age and over. We intervene on behalf of individuals who are experiencing roadblocks related to housing, finances, accessing health services or interpersonal difficulties. Our programs are designed to address the social isolation felt by the low-income 50 plus. We create community by providing opportunities for people to interact with their peers.

Information and Referral

Individuals are assisted in acquiring information that they may need. Every effort is made to connect them with the appropriate resources as well as to explain the process of accessing government and private services.

Boomer Cafe

The Boomer Cafe is a collaboration between EMC and The Depot. It offers a weekly drop-in center for the low-income 50+. This program aims to improve the quality of life of boomers and lift the spirits of its members by offering a healthy meal, yoga, outings, cultural and educational activities as well as monthly bartering of household items and clothing. The Boomer Cafe gives participants the opportunity to learn new skills and to share their skills with other group members, as well as both give and receive support from their peer

Individual Advocacy

Individual advocacy serves as a bridge between seniors and the formal public sector. Whether it is about waiting for a social worker to be assigned or someone in need of an air conditioner or dentures our advocate works towards a solution that is effective, prompt and empowering. Assessments are carried out and a short-term intervention plan is created. With extensive wait lists for many public sector departments this service provides critical support in a timely and caring manne




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