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GivingTuesday is a National Giving Day

Activités de quartier NDG
Date: 2018-11-10 00:00 - 2018-12-15 00:00

Lieu: Montreal

GivingTuesday is a National Giving Day http://www.givingtuesday.ca  

Most people know about Black Friday and Cyber Monday  …now GivingTuesday is coming to Canada. It is a new Canadian movement for giving and volunteering, taking place each year after Cyber Monday. The “Opening day of the giving season,” it is a day where charities, companies and individuals join together to share commitments, rally for favourite causes and think about others.

 “We have two days that are good for the economy. Now we have a day that is good for the community too.” We encourage Canadians to be more giving by volunteering and donating to registered charities of their choice. 

Get your organization involved - Who's involved in NDG

Carrefour Jeunesse Emploi NDG 

The origins of the CJE NDG are not just due to government will. 

It is the product of our local milieu and owes its growth to our commitment to help neighborhood young adults aged 16 to 35 years old in their socio- professional integration.


NDG Community Council

To promote, improve and support the well-being of the community of Notre-Dame-de-Grâce and its residents. The Council serves as hub for networking and a community information center for the district of Notre-Dame-de-Grâce.

It works with residents and organisations through community organising and support to address issues of concern and to find solutions. The Council places an emphasis the quality of life, social justice and the involvement of Notre-Dame-de-Grâce residents.



Organized exclusively by an army of volunteers, This event is heavily supported by donations from the community which include cash contributions, turkeys, baked goods, drinks and gifts for the children. Last Christmas a total of 900 meals were served with all the trimmings.

De nombreux bénévoles ont œuvré pour organiser cet évènement rendu possible grâce a dons de dindes par les membres de notre communauté.Au fil des années, certains de ces généreux donateurs passent le relais à d’autres. Si vous souhaitez être de ceux qui figurent sur la liste des donateurs de dinde, n’hésitez pas à nous contacter. Pour toute information complémentaire, veuillez s’il vous plaît contacter le Conseil communautaire NDG au (514)484-1471 ou contactez Paul Shubin par courriel à : paulshubin@sympatico.ca

Meals will be served throughout the day 1 pm to 7 pm. This volunteer effort is supported by the NDG Community Council. Many volunteers have worked to organize this event made possible by community members' turkey donations. Over the years, some of these generous donors pass the baton to others. If you want to be those on the list of turkey donors do not hesitate to contact us.

For further information please contact the NDG Community Council at (514)484-1471. Paul Shubin by email: paulshubin@sympatico.ca

Sort of donation: Turkey or Money or Volunteering 

Prévention CDN - NDG & Eco-quartier

To the citizens in the borough of CDN/NDG we offer human resources as well as tools to increase their quality of life, at home, in the borough as well as in the community in general. If it comes to crime prevention or even environmental issues, our goal is to offer services that respond to the needs in the community. Sort of donation:  Money or Volunteering  info@preventionndg.org  Website:Prévention CDN - NDG

NDG Food Depot 

1. Annual Food Drive. NDG Food Depot  We rely on the generous support of individuals to ensure that we can continue to address issues of hunger and poverty in a manner that ensures dignity, community engagement and the development of human potential. Over 50% of our operating budget comes from donations provided by community members, local organizations and small businesses. Sort of donation: food.  (514) 483-4680 

NDG Senior Citizens’ Council

 NDGSCC has brought together people who are concerned with providing a better quality of life for older residents of N.D.G. and Montreal West. How to Make a Donation:1. Make a donation to a specific program in the organization or donate generally to the Programs of NDGSCC;2. Make an In Memoriam Donation or Honor a loved one who is celebrating a special event such as an anniversary, birthday, marriage or birth of a baby.Make your check out to NDGSCC and mail it to: 88 Ballantyne North, Montreal West, QC, H4X 2B8

Money or  Cliquez ici pour consulter notre liste de vœux  (514) 487-1311

Bienvenue à Notre-Dame-de-Grâce

Bienvenue à Notre-Dame-de-Grâce is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to supporting the integration of Immigrants (newly arrived and others) into Notre-Dame-de-Grâce community life and society at large, as well as promoting the intercultural relations


Who's involved in Montreal

 Centraide   Centraide addresses major social issues.  

+ The family + Academic success + Food security+ Food security

Sort of donation: Money


If you want to post your Donation Information, please send us information (Name, Small Description, Link)



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