Le Bonhomme à lunettes, aka Philippe Rochette, is a nomadic optician working with community organizations in the Greater Montreal area and Montéregie with a great choice of affordable glasses with all the options, for men, women and kids. Honesty, simplicity and solidarity are the keys to understanding our philosophy. Possibility of $20 glasses for welfare recipients.
Le service des lunettes fonctionne actuellement au Conseil communautaire de NDG
- 5964 Ave. Notre-dame-de-grâce
- Tous les lundis entre 13h et 16h
- Sur réservation uniquement. Appelez le 514-303-4315 pour réserver votre place

How it works

1. What should I do? Think of the optician as the pharmacist for glasses. Come see us with your optometrist’s prescription (any will do). With your health card, the exam is free for everybody under 18 and over 65 as well as the vast majority of welfare recipients. The article 40 of their professionnal code forces them to give you the prescription on the spot. You are not even supposed to ask for it. If you do not fit these criteria, it’s usually around 50$ and it is covered by your work insurance. To recap : 1- Eye exam from the optometrist; 2- come see with your prescription (and your welfare form if applicable); 3- choose your glasses; 4- fast delivery with a solid warranty.*Important : We only accept cash as payment.
2. What If I’m a welfare recipient? Your monthly welfare pocket book indicates if the eye exam is covered (after one year of allowances). You need to show your pocket book and your medicare card at the optometrist to get it for free. You then ask for a copy of your prescription. For glasses, it’s 6 months of allowances, eligible once every two years, unless you lose them or break them. You need to call 1-877-767-8773 to ask for the form. The price for an adult is 20$ more than the amount reimbursed by the government. For children under your responsibility, it’s free.
3. Is there a warranty? Let’s recap: We do not advertize and we never ever buy brand names. By keeping our overhead costs low, we are able to offer quality glasses at an affordable price. Production times are short, we have a wide selection of frames and there’s a one year warranty on every pair we sell. If you have insurance through work, you will be able to use our receipt to process your claim.




(514) 484-1471

fax: (514) 484-1687


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