Notre-Dame-des-Arts is a charitable organization based in the Montreal neighbourhood of Notre-dame-de-Grace, and is dedicated to supporting arts and culture in our community. We are a group of residents brought together by a shared love for NDG, and the shared goals of helping our artists thrive, and helping our residents gain access to more artistic programming. We founded Notre-Dame-des-Arts to help strengthen connections between artists and art collectives within the neighbourhood, to provide a platform to help promote and raise funds for local events and art projects, and to offer training opportunities for artists to develop their skills.
Ours is a neighbourhood brimming with talent and cultural projects, including; Off The Wall Film Festival, NDG Arts Week, Porchfest, NDG Art Hive, and many others. We want to ensure these projects—and others like them—thrive by acting as promoter of local arts, and as a community hub for artists and groups that wish to more effectively fundraise and share skills and resources. We hope you join us in our mission to help champion the arts the NDG!


First Thursdays
Creatives of NDG unite! Notre-Dame-des-Arts is calling upon the community to connect, create, and collaborate with one-another through its First Thursdays arts mixer, a monthly series of presentations by local artists and creatives from all disciplines. Held on the first Thursday of each month, these evenings aim to introduce members of NDG’s vibrant creative community to one-another for the purpose of sharing work, strengthening ties and participating in lively discussion.




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