The NDG Community Council team of mobilisers and community organisers work together with different partners to break social isolation and improve access to resources to enhance the quality of life in NDG. Different mobilisation strategies are used to bring people together like: outreach activities, organizing public assemblies, supporting residents initiatives, and hosting neighborhood events. In addition, our team works on capacity building projects to empower residents to become active participants in building a better community.


"Community mobilization" is a valuable and effective concept which has various implications in dealing with rising issues in a neighborhood . It is the act of organizing or preparing the community that is planned, carried out, and evaluated by and with the community to make changes to improve the quality of life


The role of mobilisers in the NDG Community Council is to provide residents, community groups, associations, institutional entities, and the private sector with a platform to collaborate. Through direct engagement, mobilizers aim to increase participation in the decision-making process and engage residents in civic and public life. They support residents and local initiatives, providing more services and resources to enhance the quality of life in the community.

Mobilisers use different strategies and tools to achieve their goal, including organising:

  • kiosks, outreach activities, and door-to-door initiatives to break social isolation and identify community needs.
  • events and festivals to break social isolation and reach a wider audience.
  • public assemblies and forums to discuss identified issues and make collective decisions to move forward.

Overall, the mobilisers in the NDG Community Council play a crucial role in promoting collaboration and engagement among diverse stakeholders and addressing the needs of the community in a coordinated and effective manner.


  • Using different outreach tools ( Kiosks, door to door phone calls , ect ) to identify needs
  • Create a different training program to build leadership skills and develop new skills
Our second language conversation groups were created to be an inclusive space for residents to practice necessary language skills and make social connections with fellow residents. The groups now run 5 days a week with thanks to 5 fabulous volunteer animators who help connecting residents from various background together through a common goal: developing their language abilities.
Community Connectors NDG Montreal
In 2019, the Council continued the Community Connectors initiative and offered training and outreach experiences to two groups of residents of NDG. The objective was to create strong partners that can help us connect with the community and to provide capacity building to residents that are interested in being involved in their community. Residents loved their experience and asked for a longer duration of the program with more in-depth training.
Tech savvy pjogect - digital literacy for seniors in NDG
This project allowed us to target the technology needs of seniors, offering one-on-one training sessions, tablets for those who needed them, and virtual workshops on various technology skills such as zoom, email, phone calls, and taking pictures.
Through activities and workshops, the development of parenting skills and the father-child attachment bond is promoted in order to improve the quality of life of families in NDG's priority sectors. Initially planned in small groups around the Walkley and St-Raymond Centres.
The NDG Community Council is Launching its second Mural in NDG. 
This Mural is funded by the City of Montreal and our Borough CDN NDG as part of projects that mainly focused on community mobilization, and to create murals that take into account the needs and objectives of local communities. The mural was designed by a local artist and carried out with the involvement of local citizens, businesses, organizations or institutions. This mural is created to pay tribute to the rich history of social housing, gardening and our most recent market at Benny Farm. It is a neighborhood mural with a big heart and great impact. Launch: Making the Farm Bloom
The Council started working on this issue during COVID. We applied for different funding to create projects in the different HLMs and other social housing in the past three years. We had monthly meetings that bring all actors that work in these projects to better coordinate our interventions and have a space to exchange.

This newsletter is dedicated to seniors living in HLM's in the NDG neighbourhood. This is one of the ways to keep residents in the building informed of services and connected to the community. 

Nov 2021
Feb 2021
Dec 2020
The NDG Community Council is working to improve residents' participation by offering fun accessible ways to have your voice heard. We've started the Get Involved series to expand areas of resident mobilization through Surveys, Lunch Clubs/Communi-Tea and Public Assemblies.

The NDG Community Council benefits tremendously from the contributions of all our committed volunteers to help us achieve our goals. We'd be thrilled if you would like to share some of your time and your skills with us.

Volunteers help us with tasks such as organizing events, translation, and community outreach, and there are always new and interesting ways of getting involved too. If you think you would like to contribute some of your time to the community, fill out the application form below, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. And, if we haven't got an opening for you right away, we can also help refer you to a range of volunteer opportunities with other community organizations in NDG that may match your skills and interests.

La mise en place du réseau des Éclaireurs sur le territoire du Centre intégré universitaire de santé et de services sociaux (CIUSSS) du Centre-Ouest de l’ile-de-Montréal, qui iront sur le terrain à la rencontre des clientèles vulnérables et mettront de l’avant des actions de promotion, de prévention, de détection et d’intervention précoce des problématiques psychosociales, contribuera, entre autre, à formaliser et à mieux structurer les actions suivantes :

  1. La réalisation d’activités de résilience communautaire par le développement de trajectoires de services, d’outils et d’ateliers et le partage de bons coups en résilience communautaire ;
  2. L’élaboration d’une cartographie des communautés et des ressources existantes en regard des clientèles et milieux desservis ;
  3. Un repérage de personnes ou de communautés ayant besoin de soutien relié aux déterminants de la santé. Ce repérage permettra d’informer ceux-ci sur des ressources existantes dans la communauté et de les orienter, au besoin, vers des ressources d’aide en utilisant l’outil de la Prescription sociale.
Online meetings (ZOOM) for residents, parents, cultural groups, community workers, DIY Tax clinic workshops, Art Hive.

Breaking Social Isolation BSI project
The project is divided into two phases:
1) online conference workshops
2) regularly scheduled phone calls.

2020  - We started planning to adapt to our new way of work, checking on the different online platforms with our volunteers and participants. Our first activity started on April 1, and since then our team has been collaborating with partners and volunteers to animate many activities, some which are listed here.
On average we have had 80 participants per week.
1. Online activities
  • Community Workshops and activities Meeting with partners , ArtHive , Groove with Nadine, etc)
  • Cultural Workshops (diffrent languages)
  • Tax Clinic workshop
  • French and English Conversation


The NDG Public Assemblies are regular community meetings that provide a space for the discussion of important community issues. They help residents and local groups work together. The process of organising public assemblies is key to their success; They are organized in partnership with local groups and organizations and with the support of the organizing committee, itself made up of residents and representatives from various community organizations.
Democratic Life NDG Meet candidates
«Meet Candidates» is a nonpartisan bilingual public assembly moderated by experienced moderators. During this evening, residents will have an opportunity to address their questions about issues that concerns them to the candidates. The NDG Community Council strongly encourages residents to come and participate in number to this assembly.
Project idea submitted by the NDG Community Council - Miyawaki mini forest.

What does it consist of? The project that we are proposing consists of developing a natural mini forest concept inspired by the Miyawaki model for urban forests in urban settings, and to plant them all across the underused green spaces in the city.
The Empress building, located on 5560 Sherbrooke West, is the subject of a public consultation for its requalification in order to meet the cultural and community needs of the neighborhood The Community Council (CCNDG), concerned about the quality and efficiency of cultural services in NDG, invites you to a virtual workshop on Zoom on Tuesday, December 1st at 6:30 pm. The goal of this workshop will be to collect ideas about the re-qualification of the Empress.

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Participants worked in break-out groups, tackling questions such as "What do you like about NDG? What needs to change? and How can we make that happen together?"


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Community life in NDG
Mobilization: A large part of our work is to empower NDG residents to become active participants in building a better community. The Council works together with residents to break down social isolation and improve access to resources. We have a large scope of outreach initiatives aimed at gathering residents and promoting events and services in the neighborhood.

  • 01- Winter 101
  • 02- Lunar New Year
  • 03- NDG Reads
  • 04- Notre-Prom-de-Grâce
  • 05- Jane's Walk, PorchFest
  • 06- Summer activities
  • 07- Neighbourhood festivals
  • 08-Intercultural Festival, Arts Week
  • 09-Parking Day
  • 10- Halloween in NDG
  • 12-December Together
  • and more...


Local community services in NDG
The NDG Community Council supports many residents initiatives with in-kind contributions or financiary when possible. The objectives of this support is to link those participants with existing resources and mobilise them to be an active part of our community. An important part of our mandate is support for groups of local residents who want to make a difference in their community.
  • Community Christmas Dinner
  • Porch Fest
  • Art Hive
  • Seniors Groups



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