Formal wear collection and distribution. The importance of the event is that it takes a financial burden off families but now the youth of NDG see it as an event that they intend to participate in regardless of financial need. The biggest goal of the event was to allow youth to feel welcome and have fun and not treat it as something they need but something they look forward to being a part of.

Notre-Prom-de-Grâce NDG


    1. Sustainable and Inclusive PROM Giveaway: The primary objective is to foster inclusivity, pride, and sustainability by providing formal wear for PROM students from every background. Sustainable Fashion: We highlight the benefits of reusing and recycling formal wear. We aim to encourage students to consider sustainable fashion choices.

    2. Youth Engagement and Empowerment: Another key goal is to actively engage and empower the youth of NDG. The event should be more than just a financial aid program; it should be a source of excitement and anticipation for young participants. The objective is to create an atmosphere where youth feel welcome, have fun, and look forward to being part of the event. This can foster a sense of belonging and community involvement among the younger generation.

    3. Community Building: Beyond its immediate benefits, the event contributes to community building in NDG. It brings together various organizations and individuals to collaborate on a common goal. By working together to support youth, these organizations strengthen the social fabric of NDG and promote a sense of unity and shared responsibility for the well-being of the community's younger members.



April 13 , 2024 11h-16h

We held one event in April that included refreshments, volunteers to help the youth choose their outfits, music and support.

To ensure that we have enough dresses for everyone, we kindly request you to schedule a time slot for each person wishing to attend. 
We also kindly ask that you bring a reusable bag for you to carry your dress home in.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at



  • Saint-Raymond Community Center
  • Over the Rainbow Daycare
  • Women on the Rise
  • Monkland Community Center


As a novel project this year, the Council created a unique program to collect formal gowns, accessories and suits for a ‘prom dress giveaway’, with the global objective of making high-school and college prom season less expensive and wasteful for local youth and their families. The project was inspired by a single dress donation, and while expectations were modest, the project surpassed these expectations with more than 300 dresses donated, along with shoes, handbags, jewellery, and suits. This helped over 75 young people to be able to have access to affordable, good quality outfits for prom. The Council hopes to make this program an NDG staple. We were thrilled to have the support of our neighbours and friends at Over the Rainbow Daycare in organizing this event.
2019 is the 2nd year we hosted this event. A ‘prom giveaway’, with the objective of making high-school and college prom season less expensive and wasteful for local youth and their families. 300 dresses were donated, along with shoes, handbags, jewellery, and suits. In addition we had the support of the Raymond James foundation. This year we hosted two distribution days that reached close to 100 students encompassing high schools, elementary schools and special needs students.




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