The NDG Housing Table is one of the sectoriel tables in NDG. It brings tenants' rights groups, housing cooperatives, community organisations, non-profit housing co-ordinators, technical resources groups (GRT) and developers together to share information and work on collective solutions to local housing issues. Together they develop a strategy for healthy and affordable housing for all residents in NDG. The table is coordinated by NDG Community Council and Logis Action NDG.  

NDG Housing table


The NDG Housing Table is made up of organisations concerned with housing issues in NDG and surrounding areas. The Housing Table actively works to:
  • Promote access to affordable and decent housing in NDG.
  • Monitor existing and new community housing in NDG.
  • Monitor tenants rights issues and refer residents to appropriate organisations
  • Promote information sharing amongst community partners.
  • Create links between identified needs and available resources (at the macro and micro level).
  • Undertake collective actions to address community housing issues.
  • Participate in coalitions or committees related to community housing issues such as FRAPRU, RCLALQ and the Borough Housing Committee.
  1. Identify the maintenance needs of existing rental housing stock and evaluate quality
  2. Improve the capacity of private, public and non-profit building owners to maintain their properties
  3. Maintain and expand information referral and support services for tenants
  4. Evaluate needs of the population in NDG for social and affordable housing
  5. Identify resources available for the creation of new social and affordable housing units
  6. Advocate for the creation of new social and affordable housing units in NDG


The NDG Housing Table actively works to promote access to affordable and decent housing in NDG by monitoring existing and new community housing projects, monitoring tenants rights issues and referring residents to appropriate organisations, promoting information sharing among community partners, creating links between identified needs and available resources (at the macro and micro level) and undertaking actions to address community housing issues. The coordination of the Housing Table is shared between the Council and LogisAction NDG, and the Table acts also to support the growth of this essential organisation in order to better serve and protect the rights of those with precarious access to housing in NDG

  • The housing table worked during the pandemic on providing essential services to the housing organisations, mainly security services and personnel protection equipment.
  • With respect to the goals and objectives, the table established a database of the social and affordable housing stock in NDG (HLM, housing organisations, and housing coopératives). The tool shed light on the number, size and location of these units.
  • During 2020 and 2021, the housing table collaborated for the development of new social housing units in NDG. A goal that the table puts as a priority for the upcoming few years in order to respond to the imminent need of housing in the neighbourhood.


The Housing Task Force is a dedicated group working towards ensuring affordable and accessible housing options for all residents. Join us in shaping a brighter housing future.


  • Groupe CDH
  • CIUSSS Centre-Ouest
  • Logis Action NDG
  • NDG Community Council
  • R.O.M.E.L
  • Habitation Communautaire NDG
  • OMHM
  • CDN NDG Borough
  • Maison LIBERT
  • Habitation communautaire et solidaire Grand


Press release on AccèsLogis Program (in french)

Housing report 1012

In June 2012, survey interviews on housing were conducted with residents and organizations serving the Notre-Dame-de-Grâce (NDG) community of Montreal. The purpose of the interviews was to develop a portrait of the housing issues to further inform the action plan of the NDG Housing Table and the NDG Community Council.




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